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Pacific Crest Corporation is a leading manufacturer of wireless data communication technology used in GPS applications.


Pacific Crest ADL Foundation
The Pacific Crest ADL Foundation is an advanced radio modem that is capable of integrating itself into other devices and products that need a one-way or bidirectional communication link at 0.1-1.0 watt UHF.
Pacific Crest ADL RXO
The ADL RXO Ultra High Frequency radio module by Pacific Crest supports unidirectional communication (receive-only). It is perfect for devices that need a low power low power unidirectional communication link.
Pacific Crest ADL Sentry
Pacific Crest’s ADL Sentry is a wireless data link containing high-speed, state-of-the-art technology. It is strongly built out of metal to provide accurate positioning and environmental monitoring information in the toughest field conditions.
Pacific Crest ADL SLR3
Pacific Crest’s ADL SLR3 Transceiver is an advanced, digital, high-speed UHF unit constructed for installation in the Leica Geosystems GS15 sensor. It is compatible with the company’s radio modem product families ADL, PDL, RFM96 and XDL.
Pacific Crest ADL Vantage
Pacific Crest’s ADL Vantage is a wireless data link with up-to-date technology providing high-speed operation. With all-metal construction, it is designed for accurate positioning and GNSS/RTK surveying in rigorous field conditions.
Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro
Pacific Crest’s ADL Vantage Pro is a professional wireless data link with advanced radio protocols and power of 35 Watts, which provide the maximum throughput and range.
Pacific Crest EDL II
The Pacific Crest EDL II (Environmental Data Link) provides a revolutionary concept for outdoor data telemetry applications.
Pacific Crest PDL HPB
The Pacific Crest PDL HPB is compact, lightweight and offers power-efficient operation. It is easy to use and provide high performance and rugged dependability for the toughest survey environments.
Pacific Crest PDL LPB
Pacific Crest PDL LPB is a Positioning Data Link communication product that provides the critical connection between the GPS reference station and other GPS user equipment.
Pacific Crest PDL RXO
The Pacific Crest PDL RXO is a high quality, narrow-band radio modem receiver designed for integration into GPS and other products that require a one-way radio communication link.
Pacific Crest PDL Sitecom
The Pacific Crest PDL Sitecom is a rugged, reliable radio modem that enables high-precision GPS locating and tracking-machine control-for bulldozers, tractors, and other high-value assets used in construction, agriculture, and other applications.
Pacific Crest XDL Micro
Pacific Crest’s XDL Micro UHF Transceiver can be integrated into devices requiring one- or two-way radio communication operating at 70 MHz in only one band.
Pacific Crest XDL Rover
Pacific Crest’s XDL Rover is a light, compact and robust UHF receiver for use in difficult environments. It is designed for radio frequency data communications ranging from 403 to 473 MHz frequency band in either the 12.5 or 25 kHz channels.


Pacific Crest ADL Uplink

For more information about Pacific Crest and the entire line of Pacific Crest products, visit www.pacificcrest.com.

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