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Ashtech has earned a solid reputation as the world's leading precision GPS and GPS+GLONASS products for positioning, guidance, navigation, and timing with a wide range of solutions for diverse applications in science, education, government and industry.


Ashtech ABX100
Ashtech’s ABX100 is a top-quality GNSS receiver. It serves absolute positioning, high-accuracy, real-time and general purposes. Some models can additionally provide relative positioning and precise heading measurements.
Ashtech ABX14
Ashtech’s ABX14 is a GPS+Beacon+SBAS sub-meter receiver that is cost-effective. It handles SBAS signals or uses a beacon receiver for differential positioning.
Ashtech ABX800
Ashtech’s ABX800 is a GNSS sensor using the latest technology. It was designed to be used for high-accuracy, absolute positioning, general and real-time purposes. It accommodates one MB800 board.
Ashtech ABX802
Ashtech’s ABX802 is a brand new compact, rugged, smart GNSS sensor that features a dual-board solution for heading for relative positioning through RTX technology. It is incorporated on two GNSS MB800 boards.
Ashtech ADU800
Ashtech’s ADU800 is a 6D positioning system that extends GNSS real-time positioning and attitude determination. If you want to position a platform instead of a point, this is the unit for you.
Ashtech HDS800
Ashtech’s HDS800 is a highly-capable GNSS RTK+heading system that delivers accurate position measurements. It is combined with the company’s Z-Blade technology, which tracks all GNSS signals with no preference to constellation.
Ashtech MB-One
Ashtech’s MB-One is an advanced GNSS receiver component that delivers top-quality, centimeter-level positioning and heading information. The compact unit with power-saving design is meant specifically for system integrators and OEMs.
Ashtech MB100
The Ashtech MB100 GNSS OEM Receiver is a very compact receiver board that is capable of tracking signals from the GPS and GLONASS constellations. It also offers reliable and accurate real-time positioning.
Ashtech MB800
Ashtech’s MB800 is a multi-frequency, multi-constellation module that is specifically built to enhance RTK availability and insure data integrity.
SkyNav GG12W
The SkyNav GG12W receiver module can track GPS as well as SBAS signals to deliver precise and reliable positioning solution. This receiver board is designed to use in aviation applications.


Ashtech ADU5
Ashtech DG14 Receiver
Ashtech DG14 Sensor
Ashtech MB500

For more information about Ashtech and the entire line of Ashtech products, visit www.ashtech.com.

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